Who we support


We invest in individuals and organizations working for a fairer world. We look for ways to create opportunities and advancement for women, girls, and other people who have been excluded by systems that weren’t designed for their success.

We invest not only our financial resources – we have decades of experience as donor partners we’re willing to share with our grantees.

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The strengths and weaknesses of each of our partners is vastly different. While some filmmakers prefer a crash course in financing, there are TED Fellows who need assistance developing business plans. While some organizations lack communications and marketing knowhow, others require leadership training. The tools and leadership support required to bolster brilliant ideas are unique and relative, which is why our approach to investing is about so much more than money. Our tailor-made grants allow our partners to identify the solutions specific to them, then create the path to move toward their goals.

Being seen. Being heard. This is a through-line in all of our work. Storytelling is one of the post powerful vehicles for change, which is why we invest in both individual stories and systemic shifts aimed at creating a more equitable landscape. We consider ourselves “Creative Producers” (a term we borrowed from our friends at Sundance), and prefer to work alongside mediamakers in order to identify how we can best support the full lifespan of a piece of media. This means not only finding the right audience, but presenting that audience with the tools they need to act.

Bringing together bright minds is one of our favorite things to do. And at each and every convening we try to incorporate awareness, education and action, as well as to create a diverse and solution-oriented experience. (We think we’ve done a pretty good job so far!)

To create change on individual, localized, and systemic levels, collaboration is key. Collaborative philanthropy such as giving circles are effective ways to bring interested parties together in order to map out funding strategies for change. We’re also supporting events and hosting gatherings that cultivate a compassionate and inclusive community committed to advancing a more fair and inclusive world



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