Bye, 2017: Mmmm… Donuts.

Here at the Harnisch Foundation, it’s been a big sweet doughnut of a year, filled with deliciousness, the goodness coming down the conveyor belt so fast we can hardly keep up.

It’s Called Funny Girls, but Funny Isn’t The Focus

Funny Girls teaches leadership skills through improv. While funny things are bound to happen, the focus isn’t on the funny — it’s on boosting girls leadership.

Five leadership skills for every leader, young or old.

Our Funny Girls program opens the door to mastering and modeling five core leadership skills: collaboration, agility, self-awareness, empathy, and resiliency.

A Box That Helps You Be A Better Ally

“How can I be a better ally?” is a beautiful question. Safety Pin Box will give you the answers and teach you a thing or two about racial bias.

No excuse for sexual assault. Ever.

Whether it’s unwanted groping or a brutal attack involving violence and rape, there is no excuse for sexual assault. There is no excuse. Ever.