More Than Money

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It seemed like the most strategic investment possible: help the wealthiest people learn to put their money where their values are, and their philanthropy will transform society. (The Giving Pledge made famous by billionaires had its roots here.) That’s why our first $1M investment went to More than Money, an educational network for people who wanted to use their resources to create “a more joyful, just, and sustainable world.”

This intense donor education informed and influenced Ruth Ann’s grantmaking from the early days of the Foundation. Helping individuals of means to invest to achieve social goals is still one of our specialties, inspired by and partnering with many connections made through the organization and its members. As board chair, Ruth Ann brought her journalistic sensibilities to the organization’s publication, MoreThanMoney Journal. It’s where she was introduced to the concept and impact of professional coaching, which had a powerful effect on the direction of her own philanthropy and life.

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