1. What are The Harnisch Foundation's funding priorities?

The Harnisch Foundation supports media activism, particularly documentary film projects that challenge social norms, elevate diverse perspectives, and create opportunities for action. Additionally, we invest in the leadership journeys of individuals at all stages of life: From leadership programs like Funny Girls to tailor-made coaching programs with TED and Sundance Fellows, we invest in women and girls’ development and create the paths that move them towards their goals. We focus on advancing gender equality, and we continue to partner on projects that move the needle on diversity and inclusivity in all realms. We are not currently accepting unsolicited grant applications for these projects.

2. Does The Harnisch Foundation provide general operating support?

In the past, most of our grants weren’t large enough to provide significant operating support. We have provided start-up funding for a number of nonprofits, we’ve underwritten salaries and consultant fees, we’ve bought office equipment and paid for web services. It’s unlikely that you’ll get general operating support from us, but if your organization has an obvious point of interest for us, we wouldn’t rule it out altogether. Through our Awesome Without Borders initiative, we have provided some start-up funding, but rarely. We like to know your idea and project are cooking along to a point where our funds will help make your project come to fruition.

3. What is the maximum grant amount that The Harnisch Foundation will fund? What is the range?

The Harnisch Foundation has invested grants ranging from a few hundred to a few million dollars. Depends on our level of partnership and mission alignment.

4. How do we apply for funding from The Harnisch Foundation?

The Harnisch Foundation is not accepting unsolicited grant applications currently. We are not open to applications at this time.

5. You have supported many documentary films. How can I submit my film for funding consideration?

We believe in the power of diversity in narrative and in the diversity of the production teams making those films! Ruth Ann Harnisch and The Harnisch Foundation collectively have invested in over 40 films, most of which are working to move the needle for inclusivity and transparency. We are not currently soliciting applications for funding films.

6. How do we learn more about The Harnisch Foundation's past grants?

Visit our Previous Grantees section to see a listing of grants we have made (and why) since our inception in 1998. Additionally, we have highlighted some grantees here, which will give you some context surrounding what we feel are particularly successful investments for us.

7. I am confused. What does the Awesome Without Borders Project have to do with The Harnisch Foundation's grantmaking?

Through our Awesome Without Borders chapter of the Awesome Foundation, we are giving away a $1000 grant a week to something awesome in the universe. Period. Here is a link to the FAQs on the Awesome Foundation main website that will answer MANY of your questions! You do NOT need to be a 501c3 in order to receive funding.